Tourmalinated Quartz
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General: Quartz

           Most is found in Brazil.

          Quartz (silicon dioxide) is one of the most abundant, yet the most varied mineral on Earth, forming the basis for many types of semi-precious stones including agate, onyx, and tigereye. Macrocrystalline (large crystal) quartz appears in a variety of semi-transparent colors. Amethyst is purple, citrine is orange to yellow, rose quartz is pink to reddish pink, smoky quartz is gray to brown, milky quartz is cloudy white, and rock crystal is clear quartz. Quartz occurs in hydrothermal veins, and large pockets of quartz are known as cathedrals.
           There are two different types of tourmaline that are found included in quartz. The more common tourmaline, schorl, has a lot of iron in it and is deep opaque black. Elbaite is dark green tourmaline. When quartz crystals grow around tourmaline crystals, the result is tourmalinated quartz. The tourmaline crystals are thin and needle-like within the quartz. Another common clear quartz inclusion is rutile.

Birthdays & Anniversaries:
          Clear quartz is an April birthstone. Tourmaline is the traditional birthstone for November, a talisman stone for Leo, and the anniversary gemstone for the 38th year.

          The name quartz most likely comes from the German word quarz, though it has also been attributed to the Saxon word querklufterz, meaning "cross vein ore." The word crystal comes from the Greek word “krytsallos, which means “frozen.” Ancient Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder believed quartz to be permanently frozen ice, because it was found near glaciers in the Alps. He was also aware that quartz crystals can split light into a spectrum of colors. Quartz is also a type of piezoelectric crystal that creates electricity; it was used in the late 1800's in phonographs, generating electrical voltage from the mechanical movement of the stylus on the record.

Crystal Healing:
          Quartz crystals are probably the most widely used for healing and spirituality, and they are known to be versatile multi-purpose healing stones. Tourmaline is a powerful magnetic gem for strengthening the meridians and eliminating toxins.
          Tourmalinated quartz is said to soothe the nervous system, alleviate depression, and relieve pain. It is used for meditation, stress reduction, reducing fear, and increasing mental-awareness and psychic ability. It is valued as a source of strength, wisdom, compassion, and creativity.