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General: Chalcedony

           Australia, Brazil, Western U.S., India, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, South Africa, the Ural Mountains of Russia, and Austria.

          A form of chalcedony (cryptocrystalline quartz), chrysoprase (also known as chrysophrase) gets its green color from nickel oxide as opposed to the most common mineral causes of green (chromium or vanadium). Its color can range from pale green or yellow to deep green; apple green is the highest in demand. Chrysoprase is the most valuable member of the quartz family. Most chrysoprase is opaque, but the most highly valued stones are the rarer transparent or semi-transparent specimens. Chrysoprase is found in nodules or veins near nickel deposits.
           The color of chrysoprase can fade when heated or subject to prolonged sunlight. The fading is caused by dehydration of the stone, which also reduces translucency and luster. Wetting the stone can restore its moisture content and appearance.

Birthdays & Anniversaries:
          Chrysoprase is the traditional birthstone for May, and a talisman stone for Gemini.

          The name chrysoprase comes from the Greek words chrysos ( 'gold') and prason ('leek').
           Historicals records document chrysoprase as long ago as 23 AD, but it was not commercially mined until around 1740. The ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians all used chrysoprase as a gemstone. Europeans used large quantities of the stone from huge deposits in Upper Silesia, Poland, until they were exhausted and chrysoprase became rather rare and expensive. Famous jewelry designer Peter Carl Fabergé created a number of pieces with chrysoprase. Frederick the Great of Prussia loved the stone and had many items made of it, including two tables completely made of chrysoprase. It was Queen Ann’s favorite gemstone.
           Chrysoprase was once called the “victory stone,” and according to lore Alexander the Great wore a piece until it was, one day, bitten off by a snake. After that the successful commander never won another battle.
           In the 1800s it was said that holding a piece of chrysoprase in the mouth would render a person invisible (and quite useful to a thief).

Crystal Healing:
          Chrysoprase is used in healing heart disorders, increasing dexterity and equilibrium, and resolving issues in the reproductive system including infertility and hormonal imbalances. It is because of these qualities that it is also recommended for weight loss, helping to balance emotions and ease depression.
          Chrysoprase is valued as a gentle stone, soothing and protecting, a healer of broken hearts, encouraging fidelity in business and personal relationships, facilitating emotional release of tension and stress, nurturing personal insight. It is said to protect against nightmares and anguish. Like other green stones, it is also known for attracting abundance and success, not just in material wealth but most importantly in friendships.