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General: Chalcedony

           Pakistan, India, South America

          A form of chalcedony (crypto-crystalline quartz), sardonyx is made of bands of sard or carnelian (brownish-red chalcedony), onyx (black or white chalcedony), and sometimes agate (translucent chalcedony). It is considered by some to be the red or brown variant of onyx.

Birthdays & Anniversaries:
          Sardonyx is the modern and Arabic birthstone for August, and a Leo birthstone.

          The name sardonyx comes from the Greek words sard (meaning “reddish-brown”) and onyx (meaning “veined gem”). Ancient Romans believed that wearing sardonyx would increase bravery, so soldiers wore engraved talismans of sardonyx into battle. Probably due to its multi-colored bands, sardonyx was thought by early astrologers to have come from the planet Saturn.
           In Renaissance Europe, sardonyx was credited with enhancing one’s expressiveness, so it was worn by people to improve their public speaking abilities. It was said that the finest sardonyx must have at least three kinds of bands, a black base (to represent humility), white in the middle (for chastity), and then brown or red (to symbolize modesty or martyrdom).

Crystal Healing:
          Sardonyx is used to alleviate pain and to treat infection. It is associated with the 1st chakra, centering in the lower abdomen, and helping regulate the reproductive system.
          Valued for increasing self-control, sardonyx is used to improve courage, diminish hesitation, enhance morality, reduce stress, eliminate apathy, increase charisma, and assist sleep. Dreaming of this stone is said to be a sign of a happy marriage.