About Sage Tree

I've been an avid rock collector ever since I was a child, picking up rocks outside and purchasing mineral samples for my collection. But how lonely they looked on the shelf collecting dust where nobody saw them. So, I began working out a way to wear them, fiddling with wire until I worked out a method of wrapping them that looked nice. I began giving them to friends, who encouraged me to start selling them. One thing led to another, and a hobby became a small business in my spare time, traveling to craft shows and writing a website. (Fortunately, I'm a computer programmer by day.)

Years later, in my other spare time, I was looking at pendant lights for a home rennovation project, when it occurred to me that the lamp shades looked an awful lot like wine bottles. I decided to make my own pendant lights, using wine bottles and thick gauge wire. It took over a year to simply work out how to cut the bottoms off glass bottles, then more time to develop the grinding & shaping & etching skills needed to craft lamp shades. Leaving nothing to waste, I made candle holders and wind chimes from the broken bottle pieces. Then I started freehand etching (without stencils) flowers, birds, and other designs from my head onto bottles to use for oil & vinegar, pump dispensers, & oil candles. Now I bring my repurposed glass bottle art with me to craft shows.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of materials are used in this jewelry?
All of my stones are natural. I do not use plastic or man-made stones. I try to avoid dyed stones as much as possible, but there are a few rare exceptions. The wire I use is always 100% solid sterling (.925) silver or solid copper. I do not use cheaper filled wire or german silver.

The earring hooks are manufactured pieces made of solid sterling silver. A few tiny parts that I use in a few pieces are only available silver-plated, often for sufficient strength. I offer solid sterling silver and copper chains - not plated chains.

How are the jewelry pieces made?
To make jewlery, I use specialized hand tools similar to needle-nosed pliers to bend wire around stones in many different kinds of designs. The wire not only holds the stone, but it forms the necks and loops of pendants and earrings.

I use a variety of cutters and rotary tool bits to cut and shape the glass pieces, and then big pliers to bend the thick wire around them to make candle holders and lamps. There are quite a few stages to making these items and giving them a finished look.

Are the chains and accessories also handcrafted?
Some items I have - mainly certain chains - are completely manufactured by someone else. Why bother? I offer these things because they compliment my handcrafted jewelry. The leather necklaces and some chains I cut to length and attach the clasps. Because of this, I can sometimes take special requests on length and style.

All items are marked as being either "Handcrafted by Kathy," "Assembled by Kathy," or "Made by 3rd party." You can always email me with questions or requests.

How much do sterling silver chains cost?
I purchase sterling silver chains in bulk so that I can offer them as an accessory to my pendants. Chains cost $15 apiece for customers who are only interested in purchasing chains, but are available for $10 to customers who are purchasing my handcrafted jewelry.

What about special requests?
Many customers have special requests, and I'm happy to help. Check with me, because I often have pieces that are not listed online. If I don't, I can usually make what you're looking for. I have a large collection of stones waiting to wrap. Some people want to pick one out themselves, and sometimes someone already owns a stone and would like me to make something with it.

I'm interested your ideas and special requests, so email me with your questions, suggestions, requests, or for pictures.

What are shipping costs?
I charge $5 to ship your jewelry insured via United States Postal Service First Class Mail in bubble envelopes, which have proven themselves well for transporting jewelry. This flat fee covers the cost for small orders, and is not increased for larger orders as my way of thanking you.

Metal & glass items, such as light fixtures and candle holders, are a bit bulkier and heavier, so contact me so that I can figure out the postage for you. You may also want to consider picking up your purchase at an upcoming craft show.

What forms of payment do you take?
I'm happy to accept cash, check, money order, credit card, and PayPal payments. The shopping cart checkout will guide you through a secure and easy process for payment by credit card or by PayPal account. I use PayPal's shopping cart and checkout process for several reasons. First, PayPal is a well-known, secure online payment service (owned by eBay) that is used by millions of people. Second, many people feel more secure paying a stranger through PayPal because only PayPal ever sees your credit card or bank account routing number. Third, PayPal's checkout allows my customers to pay by credit card securely without having to register for a PayPal account. For more information about PayPal, go to www.paypal.com

If you prefer to mail a check or money order or to meet me at a show to pay by cash, check, or credit card, please email me to place your order so that I can set aside the items you would like. Please include the Item #s of the items you want to order. The question? button next to each item will create an email from you with the item number to make this easier.

If you have any questions, as always don't hesitate to ask!